About Me

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Hi, I’m Sunil Kumar. I’m currently working as a Senior Software Developer at a startup. I love building new things, SaaS products, and tools to solve everyday problems. Through the years I’ve worked on the below programming languages and I’m currently learning to build distributed scalable applications:

  • Python / Django
  • GoLang
  • Node.js
  • Java
  • HTML / CSS / JavaScript, Bootstrap
  • A little bit of React.js, Angular & Backbone.js

What You Can Expect From Me

Writing is a new hobby I picked up recently and you can expect to get one or two articles from me every week on AWS concepts, Freelancing, building distributed applications, SaaS products, and becoming a better developer in general.

Where Else Can You Find Me

You can find me on the below channels where I’m generally active:

If you want to hire me for your projects send an email at [email protected] or DM me on Twitter.