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How to Start a SaaS Company: A Beginner’s Guide

With the booming creator economy, the possibility of starting a SAAS business has never been more accessible. Whether you are building the next big unicorn or a micro SAAS product to generate a passive income, there are a few fundamentals that apply to all of them. Bootstrapping a SaaS product is one of the ways to make life-changing income if executed correctly.

But let’s be honest. Building a SaaS product is not that simple. You need to follow a methodical approach or you will end up building a product nobody wants to use or there’s just no demand for it in the market.

Building a product is just one part of building a successful SaaS business online. There are many other aspects like validating ideas, registering your company as a corporation (to make it official), automation, etc.

What Will You Get From This Book?

Ahmed Shabib and Sunil Kumar are both serial entrepreneurs with over 10 years of experience in building SaaS businesses online.

Experienced Authors

Both authors have decades of experience in building SaaS products like ShipThis, SimplyMoveIn, etc.

Actionable Guide

This eBook provides actionable steps that you can follow after each chapter.

Avoid Mistakes

You will learn about the common pitfalls & mistakes beginners do. This will save you months or even years of time.

Beginner Friendly

The book is geared toward new readers. This means that even if you lack any prior experience, you can still understand everything in this book.

For Self-funded Founders

The eBook offers tips and tools to help you launch your SaaS product with very little out-of-pocket investment.

Startup Model Budgeting

A spreadsheet in Excel that you can use to track project revenue, budget spending, and other financial information.

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What are people talking about?

“Highly Recommended!”

I had zero experience with entrepreneurship and launching a SaaS company. But after going through this book, I’m feeling a little confident and thinking about converting my ideas into a successful SaaS product. Highly recommended!


( 234K followers on Twitter )

“Enjoyable to read”

“This book is a very valuable resource for anyone who wants to start a SaaS business. Concise and well-written. It talks about real solutions and contains many tips on building successful SaaS products. It was enjoyable to read.”

Francesco Ciulla

( 107K followers on Twitter )

“Brilliant Resource”

“The book is a brilliant resource for anyone looking to build a successful SaaS company and make money online. From finding an initial idea to development, deployment, and marketing, it covers all the necessary steps and is a must-buy if you’re interested in running your own SaaS company.”

Mads Brodt

( 27.3K followers on Twitter )
Jack Domleo

“Covers all the difficult areas”

“This ebook is a great resource for those looking to create a Saas startup, whether that be now or those considering it for the future. It covers all the difficult areas of creating a Saas product and is really useful for getting you out of any ‘blocked’ stages.”

Jack Domleo

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More About Authors

Ahmed Shabib

Serial Entrepreneur, CEO of ShipThis.

Sunil Kumar

Serial Entrepreneur, Creator of Landr, Generates income through multiple income streams like SaaS Products, Freelancing, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, etc.